Bishop Auckland site - bright, welcoming nursery with fabulous spaces to explore.


Where can I start to explain the wonderful experiences that our children have in Bishop Auckland? Set in a stunning Victorian mansion, the children have space galore! 

First and foremost our small team of highly qualified Practitioners are skilled and very experienced. They care deeply about every child; spending time to get to know the family; establishing a bond with the child; getting to know their individual needs and preferences; while ensuring that every child feels loved, is happy, is confident and enjoys their time with us. They are masters of cuddles, experts in children's welfare and wizards of learning.

Our children are fabulous. They amaze us every day - trying new things; working together; looking after each other; joining in; getting sticky and muddy and letting their imaginations run wild. 


We are awaiting our first Ofsted inspection since moving. You can still see the report from our previous site.


We have a very small team of Practitioners, who establish secure bonds with our babies and toddlers, getting to know their individual needs. Working closely with parents, we ensure that we understand your baby; their individual quirks and preferences and your routine at home.


We have a wide-range of carefully selected resources for babies to safely explore independently and with a caring adult. We have a cozy sleep room, a physical room, a sensory room, space for meals and snacks and a beautiful exploration room

We ensure that we take every opportunity to support their development and feed their curiosity with engaging resources and outdoor visits and walks.

We have familiar objects for them to explore, such as mirrored pebbles to admire themselves in, sticky goo to touch and feel, paint to make a mess with, jigsaws to figure out, books to cuddle up with and locks to jangle!

         TWO YEAR-OLDS


So, the two year olds...... They are a challening, wonderful, frustrating and hilarious bunch!


While they think they've 'got this', until the next barrier/tiredness/hunger episode, we love providing new experiences and challenges for the two year olds.


The environment for our two year olds has been carefully planned to allow the children to have some independence in their choices, but be close to adults to keep them safe and to help them to feel safe. This wonderfully patient team work together to ensure that the children are motivated to explore and able to rest when they are tired; that they start to understand others as they develop empathy and that they start to buil resilience when things don't go their way. Backed with evidence-based practice, we have the right balance of activities to explore and  resources to provoke ideas.

They spend lots of time outdoors in our wonderful garden and the outdoor classorm, mixing with older and younger children; making mud pies, planting seeds and finding bugs.

Opening Hours:

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

7:30 start available on request

01388 603862

Wellington House, 9 Kensington, Cockton Hill Road, Bishop Auckland DL14 6HX

We are easy to access from the town and from the A688 by car or bus and 5 minutes drive from Tindale Retail park.

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Our pre-school is unique; every aspect of it has been carefully designed to support children's well-being, their desire to explore and learn; their contribution to their nursery community, their social skills, their communication and language; their understanding of the world and their self-esteem.

Led by our qualified teachers, who specialise in pre-school education, we have engaging indoor and outdoor spaces, designed to spark children's interest and imagination. Our pre-school gives children the rare opportunity to lead their own learning, to choose how they would like to learn and what they would like to do. We have regular forest school sessions, encouraging the children to learn in and about the outdoors and have regular visits into the community.


The children look after their spaces and create new areas and resources for themselves; whether its a group art project, new dance moves to share or making bird feeders for their friends. The staff gently support the children in finding out for themselves.

We carefully monitor children's progress, alongside parents to ensure that every child is prepared for school with the independence, self-help skills and confidence that they need.