Yellow Wellies Durham - in the heart of the City... with our own secret woodland.

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Established in 1997, we've been here a long time, and I think we've got this! Housed in a beautiful Edwardian Villa, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the City, children enjoy spending time here. Our surprising and enormous garden, full of mature trees and natural wonders, provide children with opportunities to stretch their legs and their minds. We also get an awesome view of the trains.

When you visit us, you will see how independent the children are; with babies washing their own hands; toddlers preparing their own snack and four year-olds creating their own book. Our highly qualified and very experienced team thrive when they are with the children; supporting every child in having the best day. Our parents regularly comment on how attentive and caring every member of the team is and how well each child settles in and enjoys their time in the Yellow Wellies family.

We understand that for families, this is not about childcare while parents are at work or University; this is about every child having a wonderful day; enjoying their learning; making great friendships; building their self-esteem; learning about other people and learning new skills.



The team that care for our babies and toddlers are simply awesome. They spend time on the detail; getting to know every baby - what they like and dislike; what they enjoy; how they like to sleep; what and how they like to eat. Each child is partnered with a key worker - although the children get to know all of the staff in the small team, their key worker is the one who will spend time with you to understand your preferences and your baby's needs, then ensure that they are met - especially in the early days, so that your baby feels safe and loved.

We have two baby rooms - one room for restful sleep and quiet play and one for boisterous and messy fun. The babies can choose for themselves which room they would like to be in, depending on their mood at the time. The messy room is open-plan with the two's room, providing continuity for babies as they outgrow the babies and start to show an interest in the wonders of the two year olds.


We have a wide range of carefully selected resources for babies and toddlers to explore safely, ensuring that every opportunity to support a child's development is taken and that they enjoy finding new things and new ways, making new connections and starting to make sense of their world.

While babies can explore the huge woodland garden, we have a separate area for babies, ensuring that they have lots of opportunities to explore the outdoors safely.

Being in the City, we have lots of wonderful things to explore. The babies enjoy going for walks to explore the wonders of Durham, whether it be the sparkly Christmas lights or the street enterainers.

         TWO YEAR-OLDS


Where do I start with the two year olds?

Albeit a challenging age, at this stage the children are learning the word "NO", starting to understand their own mind, trying to make their own decisions, showing defiance, taking our words literally and struggling to manage their emotions. They are working out how to get attention, they are practicing their new words, they are communicating in a loud and noticeable manner - they are growing, their brains are hungry for more, they are  developing is rapidly and they are awesome.

It takes a special team and a carefully considered environment to meet the demands of this wonderful group of children. We have spent a lot of time and energy to get this right. Backed with evidence-based practice, we have the right balance of opportunities for children to explore, props to support imaginative play, interests to encourage language development, resources to nurture self-help skills and patience to encourage sharing and turn-taking (Have you seen Toy Story 3? Its not like that!)

For example, the pod in the room provides children with the opportunity to be on their own, to watch from an observation post and sometimes to cozy up with a book and have a nap. Snack and meal times provide opportunities for children to serve themselves and help their friends.

They spend lots of time outdoors in our wonderful garden, making mud pies, planting seeds, finding bugs and watching the trains.

Yellow Wellies Durham Nursery. A gem in the City.

The small pre-school team, led by an early years teacher, is fabulous. They carefully observe children and respond to their needs and interests while providing challenge, to encourage children to learn at their own pace. Such as; thinking about writing skills as they explore super heroes, practicing mathematical skills as they explore the sand; starting to read as they follow a recipe; learning about other people as they share stories of travel; finding out about the world when they answer their own curious questions.

We have two rooms in the pre-school, with direct access into the garden. One room is full of opportunities to play imaginatively, to build, to role-play, to read books, play with small world and vehicles (for example) and the other is a workshop for children to create, to explore, to understand.

The ethos in our pre-school is for every child to have the confidence and skills to make their own way in their world and to be themselves. We encourage listening skills, questioning, sharing, social interaction, how to find out answers, how to deal with failure, how to pick yourself up and try again, how to solve problems, how to eat healthily, look after our bodies, make good decisions. Of course, we are also supporting them with skills for school such as reading, writing, numeracy, listening to instructions, looking after out own things. But we are so much more than that too.

Our children leave us as confident, resiliant, skillful individuals who demonstrate independence and empathy, who value themselves and others in the world, who are kind and compassionate and who want to make a contribution. 

We work closely with schools to smooth children's transitions when they leave us (albeit rather sad for us) knowing that they are ready).

Opening Hours:

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM

0191 384 1444

Avenue House, North Road, Durham DH1 4SG

We are easy to access from the A690 with a small car park, giving easy access by car. We are just a short walk from the train station and the bus station (great for the park and ride too).