Out of school and Wrap Around

Not sure what this is? Its one of those terms that gets thrown around and we all nod - only to try to find out later!

Basically, we are open all year round, 7.30am or 8am to 6pm. If your child attends a school or a term-time pre-school, we can fill in the 'gaps'. Such as 12noon - 6pm or 3pm-6pm plus all day in the school holidays.


We offer term time wrap around for;


St Margaret's Primary School (15 mins slow walk)

Neville's Cross Primary School (20 mins slow walk)

What happens in wrap around?

We will collect your child from school or pre-school, bring them safely back to us and feed them either a meal or a snack followed by a meal (depending on the time - tea is at 4pm for example).

They are then free to explore the wonderful resources, indoors and outdoors alongside their friends. They will be loved and cared for just the same. Please have a look at the Durham or the Bishop Auckland page to see more.

Bishop Auckland

We offer term-time wrap around for the following schools and nursery schools in Bishop Auckland (walking time shown);

Aclet Close Nursery School (5 mins)

Woodhouse Community Primary (10 mins)

St Wilfrid's RCVA Primary (5 mins)

St Anne's CofE Primary (20 mins) 

Cockton Hill Primary (15 mins)

Although we do advocate pre-school children to attend 1 setting if possible, you are able to share your funded 30 hours between us and the state pre-schools or nursery schools too. Please talk to us about the options, as it is very complicated! We will work with the other setting to ensure that we all keep up to date in your child's interests and progress.