Looking for outstanding childcare in Durham City?

Are you returning to work soon and looking for the right nursery for your baby? Come and visit us at Yellow Wellies, in the heart of Durham City Centre.

To meet the team and take a look around call Emma or Kristy on 0191 384 1444 or email us via durham@yellowwellies.co.uk for an appointment in Durham, or Jen on 01388 603862 or via bishop@yellowwellies.co.uk in Bishop Auckland.

So, why would you choose us?

This is why we would;

We are exceptional at caring for our babies. With sincerity, we take as much time as it takes to get to know you and your baby, to find out how you would like us to do this. We match whatever it is that you do at home, for example with feeding and sleeping routines (including specific taps, rocks and blankets needed!).

We work closely with you as baby’s needs change, for example weaning. We are also available to support you with advice and guidance if you need it. Most of us are Mums, all of us are qualified and some of us are qualified to degree or higher.

Not only do we understand babies and children, we understand what it means to be a working parent… we can’t guarantee ‘guilt-free’ childcare (not sure that’s possible), but we’ll work together to get as close as we can for you and your baby.

So, what do we get up to you are working……..?

Feeling safe with our grown-up friends, we explore interesting objects, we investigate the different textures and noises of things, as we learn about the world. We enjoy looking at ourselves in the mirror and admiring how awesome we are.

We are starting to make friends – even if sometimes they have the ‘thing’ we want!

We experience the wonder of the outdoors, as we explore the magical secret garden in the centre of the City, we enjoy walks in the City to see the lights and along the river to watch the birds an the trees. We enjoy sleeping in the cozy quiet room, where we can sleep safely. We enjoy watching the lights and enjoy chillin’ out. We are supported in making our own choices – my confidence grows as I see that people believe in me and the incredible things that I can do.

More about us – at Yellow Wellies, our team has been together for a long time, we see ourselves as an extended family. We have worked together for over a decade, watched each other graduate, get married, become parents and grandparents. Our mission is ‘to bring your whole self and be your best self’.

Ofsted believe in us, rating us as Outstanding. Kate, the nursery owner, continues to study at Doctorate level and carries out research in early childhood education, to ensure that we continue to improve, that we lead future best practice and we leave no stone unturned.

Come along… see what we do.

Durham - Emma and Kristy 0191 384 1444

Bishop Auckland - Jen 01388 603862

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