Friendship Across Generations

Recently, we have been visiting some new friends at St Margaret’s nursing home. We have thought for some time that this could be a lovely experience for everybody, young and old, so after the recent TV program, thought we could jump on the band wagon and try this too.

On the first visit, we had the most amazing time. 6 children tentatively walked in to the room where the ladies were, little did we know that in no time at all they would be confidently chatting, singing and baking with their new friends

We listened to their stories about the ‘good old days’ and they tell us their stories from when they were young. Some were teachers, girl-guide leaders, house-wives, keen to tell us their stories and share their experiences. The children brought back so many happy memories and stories to retell.

The children told us about the activities they did together (as you do with new friends), decorating cakes together that they made for each other. The children tentatively practiced their language and social skills when they ask “who wants chocolate sprinkles?”

More recently, the children have been introduced to the families, getting to meet people they’d heard all about.

During another visit, as the children’s confidence grew each time, Danny left the table of his own accord and wandered over to a lady who was on the sofa on her own. She asked if he wanted to sit with her. They both beamed as Betty told Danny all about her boys when they were young and Danny told her all about his big brother!

A highlight was when one of the ladies asked if they knew the song ‘the wheels on the bus’ did they ever?..... The children were delighted to sing it for her. Before long the whole group (young and old) were singing.

We now visit monthly, catching up on gossip, exchanging gifts at special times, learning each other’s songs. It’s just so lovely seeing how much the children bring to their new friends and vice versa.

After a few visits, the children and their new friends have got to know each other well. This week, the children took some games that they knew their friends would like. A fine afternoon of dominos and board games was had by all. A highlight was when Jacob and Rachael showed Betty an iPad. She hadn’t seen one before. Jacob and Betty waved to each other on the screen, she thought it was magic.

We expected these visits to be lovely, but we hadn’t quite prepared ourselves for the two generations introducing each other to their worlds.

If you would like to learn more about our approach to early education and to find out why we are judged by Ofsted as 'outstanding', do visit our web site or call us on 0191 384 1444.

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