Just Busy Tinkering

Just the start of an ordinary day at Yellow Wellies nursery in Durham. Wondering what the children will choose today. Will they explore the books and see the Gruffalo? Will they have a pretend bonfire and imagine warming their hands? Will they sit on the log seats and chat?

No Kate, I am going to look at myself and watch the room in the mirror?


While I explore the sunlight reflecting off the shiny surface.

I am going to explore these curious items through a magnifying glass….

…then make a bridge from the counting discs?

I am going to explore the discs by balancing on them…

…and I will be balancing on the logs.

We got the idea from climbing trees together outdoors!

We are well aware that young children’s minds are much more open than ours, that children love exploring their world and thrive on the opportunity to do this in their own way.

At Yellow Wellies nursery, we support the children to lead their own learning, but it’s not really about learning, it’s about life, it’s about experiences. We support children in being themselves, in seeing the wonder of the world around us and sharing their discoveries.

We fill our nursery and the fabulous woodland with items of wonder, things to tinker with, every-day objects to explore. The children confidently tinker, feeding their minds.

We explore and discover together.

If your child would like to explore with us, call us on 0191 384 1444 to arrange a visit. You can have a sneaky peak on yellowwellies.co.uk. We have places available for children up to five years old

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