While You’re At Work…

So, what do your babies get up to when you’re busy at work?

We like to make friends – babies enjoy cuddles and sharing time with their new friends (children and adults), they feel loved and part of the team. We enjoy our time together, sharing what we know and can do.

wood feb baby 2

We like to get messy! Gloop and slime, mud and leaves, foam and paint – babies like to explore with their whole bodies. They are starting to make sense of objects as they feel the texture, the temperature, the smell.

We like to explore – as babies explore alongside their friends, they are starting to see themselves in the world and noticing other people, the way they do things, their reactions and the things they say.

wood feb baby 1

Babies are starting to find themselves, making friends and gaining confidence as an individual. We ensure that babies are safe and feel safe as they explore.

wood feb baby 7

We learn about the world around us! Well-wrapped-up in colder months and with the door open in the warmer months, babies happily explore the outdoor space. The smaller, baby garden has appropriate physical challenges, to help babies grow and develop, it also has opportunities for babies to plant and explore flowers, fruit and vegetables as they grow in the sunshine. The birds and creepy crawlies visit us and sometimes hide in the mud! The babies are starting to learn about the natural world and how to enjoy and take care of living things.

wood feb baby 9

Routines – home routines are mirrored at nursery – sleeping in comfortable cots or mattresses (when they are older) babies are able to sleep soundly with a full tummy. We can store your breast milk or we provide the formula. Healthy food is prepared by our chef from scratch, when your baby is weaned. We listen to you and your baby, to ensure that we are able to identify and meet their needs. Allergies and cultural preferences can be met and are tightly managed.

wood feb baby 10

We chat and sing! The babies thoroughly enjoy stories and singing, some like to watch, some lead and some join in, moving their bodies to the music and reacting to the rhythm of the stories.

At Yellow Wellies day nursery in Bishop Auckland, we have places currently available for children from babies, through to 5 years old. We are open 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, all year round.

If you are looking for a caring, creative and supportive nursery that will provide your child with care, attention and super-fun activities, come and visit us.

Jen, the Nursery Manager can be contacted on 01388 603862 or via bishop@yellowwellies.co.uk.

Come and have a look around and see why we are the right nursery for you.

Jen – 01388 603862.

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