(what our parents say about us)

Thank you to our parents for their lovely comments. They are all anonymous to save blushes and to maintain confidentiality.

‘My little girl had attended Yellow wellies since she was 6 months old.It truly is a home from home... I wouldn't trust anyone else with my children all the staff care about every single child...I would and do recommend this nursery to anyone.’

‘By far the best nursery ever - I will forever appreciate everything you have done for [my son]. I honestly believe he wouldn't be where he is in his development if it was for you all.’

‘We would like to thank the whole team at yellow wellies for their love and caring staff for inspiring [my girls] for the last 4 years.We recommend this nursery to everyone we meet and cannot sing its praises enough. My child was a quiet and shy little girl who has gained so much confidence and

self-esteem through the hard work and dedication of the whole yellow wellies team.’

‘Yellow wellies have supported my beautiful, funny girl for 3 years. You have all shown her kindness understanding and love and because of you all she is 100% ready for big school.’

And, some comments from Ofsted

'The quality and consistency of teaching is exceptional as staff have an excellent knowledge of how children learn. This is supported by precise and accurate assessment and planning for individual children.'


'Relationships between staff and children are exceptionally strong. Children develop strong emotional attachments with their key person and friendships with their peers.'

'The outdoor area is extremely well resourced. It offers a wide range of opportunities for children to take part in physical challenges and manage their own safety. Children are highly motivated, resilient and develop 'can do' attitudes.'


'Children are extremely well motivated, independent and ready to engage in new learning experiences, as a result of staff's excellent practice and a carefully organised learning environment'

'Excellent relationships with parents are established. Detailed information is shared with parents, ensuring they are fully informed and involved in their child's learning.'

'Leadership is inspirational, there are high expectations of staff, who have a strong drive to continuously improve. All staff embrace reflective practice and work closely together to monitor and evaluate the setting.'


To read the Durham Yellow Wellies Ofsted report, click here


To read the Bishop Auckland Yellow Wellies Ofsted report, click here

What do I do if I am not happy?

Yellow Wellies is entirely based on children being happy, enjoying their time with us and our parents trusting us to ensure that this happens. If at any time you think that this is not the case or that there is something that we can do even better, please do let us know either formally of informally.

Click here to see our complaints policy

How do you manage my personal data?

We take the management and protection of your data seriously. This is considered in our every day practice; from discussing attendance, for example, to the systems we use. For more detail, please refer to our GDPR notice below.

Click here to see our GDPR notice


(some important details)

What curriculum to your follow?

We follow the Early Years foudation Stage (EYFS). This is what Oftsed have rated us against. For more information, take a look at this link;

What happens if my child is poorly?

We advise that any child who is poorly is kept at home, however we will look at every case individually. If a child has signs of a contagious illness, they must be kept away from nursery to safeguard the other children. If a child becomes poorly at nursery, we will call you and ask you to collect your child as soon as possible.

Click here to see our accident, illness and medicines policy.

How do you ensure that my child is safe?

We take the safeguarding of children extremely seriously. Everything that we do is underpinned with consideration for the safety of children, staff and visitors.

Click here to see our safeguarding policy.

Click here to see our health and safety policy.

Do you  welcome children with special educational needs or disabilities?

Absolutely. We welcome all children to our Yellow Wellies family. We have a lot of experience with children of different abilities and children with additional health needs. We are always willing to be trained or retrained to ensure that we can meet any child's needs.

Click here to see our SEND policy.

Click here to see our diversity and inclusion policy.

Do I pay if my child is absent?

Yes. We have a simple and fair pricing structure which ensures the financial sustainability of the nursery whist allowing us to provide high quality care and education. Our contract is based on your booking, not on attendance.

Do you offer the funded 30 hours, 15 hours or two-year funding?

Yes. The rates that we receive from the Government for these are low, compared to our 'charged for rate', preventing us from being as flexible as we would wish to be. We offer all of these funding options 'stretched' across the full year (giving 11 or 22 hours per week). Funding to children following their 3rd birthday is available to all and we will administer this. To enquire about what other funding and financial support is available to you, click on this link; 

What kind of food do you provide and can you cater for allergies?

All of our food is 'home cooked' from scratch by our nursery cooks. Each day includes breakfast, morning snack, two-course lunch, afternoon snack and a two-course tea. We have a carefully selected menu of food which has been painstakingly planned to ensure that children get all of the food types, vitamins and nutrients that they needs each day and no extras that they don't need.  We are able to meet the needs of any child's diet, whether it be guided by allergies, health issues or cultural preferences.

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Click here to see our healthy food & Oral hygiene policy